If you’re looking at this page, you must be planning a wedding. Congratulations and may God bless your life together!

In general, weddings are performed at Saint Peter’s Church on behalf of persons who are active members of the congregation. We do not usually schedule weddings for individuals who have no connection to the parish. We are thrilled, however, to work with couples who worship with us and explore church membership as part of their preparation for marriage. Exceptions can be made to this general practice, but only at the sole discretion of the Rector of the parish.

Wedding dates are only entered on the parish calendar AFTER the first meeting between the couple and the Rector. Dates are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Below are four documents which describe the practices, policies, and costs of having a wedding at Saint Peter’s Church. Please review these documents very carefully before calling the Church office to inquire about arranging a wedding.