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Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church
Lakewood, Ohio

News & Events

Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church
Lakewood, Ohio

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Search Process Moves to Active Phase of Taking of Candidate Names

Everyone’s patience with the Rector Search Process is much appreciated. You have eagerly participated in three Parish-wide discernment meetings and helped the Search Committee confirm the following priorities for our Rector Search--calling a Rector

September 27th, 2022|

THE FISHERMAN’S NET is our monthly newsletter, sent by mail and e-mail, that lets you know everything going on in the parish this month.  You can also view a few months of past issues.

WHAT’S HAPPENING is our weekly worship bulletin insert that fills you in on “what’s happening” this week, including the folks for whom we’re praying.

THE ANNUAL REPORT: Every year, in January, our congregation comes together for our Annual Meeting.  This booklet is a review of the previous year, and a preview of what’s coming.

VESTRY MINUTES AND TREASURER’S REPORTS: A (more or less) monthly report from the Saint Peter’s Vestry about what we’re working on.

OTHER IMPORTANT STUFF: Letters, appeals, you name it, as it happens!

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