We work hard to sustain a sense of caring community among our parishioners. This is a challenge, because we come from every community on the west side of Cleveland. The ministries listed here invite people with almost every kind of interest to take a role in strengthening our common life. Check out these descriptions, and get in touch with us if any seem to be calling you! You’ll be put in touch with someone who can tell you more!


We enjoy being together and we do it often. We have Foyer Groups that gather parishioners for informal fellowship in homes. We also welcome new folks into our congregation three times a year with our “Explore and Connect” program.

Women’s Groups

The Saint Cecelia Guild consists of a group of women who meet monthly to share fellowship and visit various places of interest in the wider Cleveland community.

Administration & Finance

This group of business-oriented types is tasked with keeping an eye on our parish finances, advising the parish leadership on issues of insurance, personnel policies, and all manner of managerial tasks.


In addition to our traditional print forms of communication, we are interested in dabbling in social media. This ministry also seeks ways to get our story out into the general consciousness through marketing and media.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is provided by the clergy and many lay volunteers. Please call the office if you need, or know of someone who needs, a pastoral visit in the hospital or home. We want to visit, but we’re not clairvoyant! Volunteers also prepare meals for parishioners recovering from surgeries or other life crises.

Office Volunteers

Our St Peter’s Lakewood office volunteers are wonderful souls that help out in our Lakewood office throughout the year on weekday mornings. They help out the parish by answering phones, preparing mailings, sorting mail, and other such tasks to assist the professional office staff.

Buildings and Grounds

Caring for our historic and heavily used facility is a constant challenge. Folks in this ministry enjoy gardening, painting, plastering, dusting, and cleaning. From time to time, we also seek expertise in building trades and repair, overseeing building contracts, and purchasing equipment. The quiet garden area in the middle of our facility is great fun for those who enjoy plants.

The Generosity Team

The Generosity Team works to keep before us all the idea of grateful and grace-filled living. The Team seeks to empower parishioners to offer their best to God, their time, talent, and treasure, in gratitude for all God has given us. Each Autumn, the Generosity Team executes our annual pledge campaign in order to secure the funds necessary to operate our parish for the coming year.