The St. Peter’s Foundation was created by parishioners in 1966 as a financial resource to meet uncommon or unexpected needs. The Foundation grows assets through donations and investments to generate funds for two purposes:

  1. Supporting the mission and ministries of the church today
  2. Preserving the church for the future.

The Foundation is designed to accept gifts, memorials, and bequests–large and small–and to combine and safeguard them through investment as a permanent endowment. The Foundation’s mission is to develop a sound financial base to enable St. Peter’s Church to continue its Christian ministry over the years.

That ministry, of course, can take many forms, from fixing a worn church roof to helping support a community program. Over the years, Foundation funds have been used to support capital improvements, such as St. Peter’s columbarium, and as seed money for new ministries.

That’s where you come in. Through giving to the Foundation, you can provide for the future of St. Peter’s Church and ensure that, in the present, the church has the resources it needs to respond to any crisis or need.

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