Outreach Focus of the Month

Each month, we designate a local, national, or international ministry as our “Outreach Partner of the Month.”   Usually, members of the parish are already involved somehow in the ministry.  We educate ourselves about the work of the ministry, invite representatives to come and speak about it, and distribute literature.

During each Sunday service, the ushers pass the offering basins to collect pledges and other monetary gifts of the people. All loose cash and coin placed in the offering basins not designated for church or other specific use is immediately donated to the Outreach Partner of that month.

Our Outreach Focus Partners in 2016 are below.  You can click on some of the names to go to the ministry website.

January: Immune Deficiency Foundation

February: C.O.C.I.N.A.:  Council of Children in Need Association – mission trip to Haiti

March:  North Coast Health Ministry

April:  The National Multiple Sclerosis Society

May:  The Bishop’s Appeal and Episcopal Community Services

June:  Episcopal Community Services

July:  Rocky River Assistance Program

August:  Saint Luke’s Church, West side of Cleveland

September:St. Peter’s Childcare Center

October:  Watterson-Lake Elementary School

November:  Lakewood Community Services Center

December: TBD

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