What’s Happening – June 2 – 9

We Hold In Our Prayers This Week:

Parishioners in Need of Prayer: Ruth Rea, Connie Chisamore, Betty Browning, Amanda Wolf,   Dick Wilmot, Jennifer Carlson

Homebound Parishioners: Linda Thompson, Lucille Arnold, Margaret DeArmond, Westelle Maxwell, Edith Higgins, Margo McClure, Anita Hulligan, Winifred Savidge, Vern Slater, Dorothy Meyers

Parishioners’ Friends and Family: Jeanne Destro (Lorna Jordan), Marisa Maciejowski (Matt Ciszek & Michael Wachter), Cindy Mitchell (Amanda Chambers), Colette & Al Lawson (Liz Vinson), Vitalia Ononye (Carolyn Beredo), Ken Martin (Kathy Martin), Kay Greiner (Mary Sandberg), Dina Marchiano (Sarah Taylor), Rick Mahon (Liz Crosby), Coletta Winsper (Emily Malquest), Russ Steinke (Ed & Julie Stenger), Hazel Sakai (Nancy Wittig), Cheyanne (Deb Vandrasik), Kirstin Drew (Fred Purdy), Kailin Purdy(Linda Purdy), Edith St. Clair (Michael Miller), Pat Murch (John Keller), Pat Eversol, Richard Ross (Joanne Hull), Debby Alyward, Connie Vacaro, Mary Ann Matuszewski (Fred Purdy), John Aldridge (Jeff Tennant), Cathie Reville (Liz Crosby), Ann Eggers Kolesar (Sue Andrews), Joanne Loeffen (Grant & Wendy Lawson), Bruce Ashforth (Ellen Szymanski), Ann, Lysa & Steven Balmer, Edna Ritter-Seesler, (Anida Balmer), Alison Linsley, Aline Masek, (Nan Miller), Lloyd Parsons

Our Wider Fellowships: In the Diocese of Ohio pray the South Central Mission; in the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, pray for Northern Mexico

JUNE OUTREACH PROJECT is HOSPICE OF THE WESTERN RESERVE: Hospice is a concept of care, not a place; it is a special approach designed to give the same care in the final phase of life that is given in the beginning. Hospice of the Western Reserve trans-disciplinary teams provide medical, spiritual and psychological support, personal care and bereavement services to those in their care. Hospice allows patients to be in control of their care and live out their lives in dignity. Hospice of the Western Reserve is a non-profit agency which provides hospice services, palliative care, and bereavement support to patients and families throughout Northeast Ohio including Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, and Summit counties with offices throughout, and outreach into Medina, Portage and Stark counties. To learn more go to www.hospicewr.org

ST. CECILIA’S GUILD:   We are fortunate to be having our June meeting at the Cleveland Yacht Club, as Naomi Opdycke’s guests on Wednesday, June 19th.  There will be a time for refreshments and wine from 11:30 to 12:30 followed by lunch at 12:30.   Lunch will include two salads, your drink, dessert and the Yacht Club’s famous sticky buns!  Please make your check for $20.00 out to Naomi Opdycke and send it to her at 5 Laurel Drive, Rocky River, Ohio 44116 by June 17th.  Everyone is welcome and this is a special invitation to newcomers and old friends to join us. Nancy Wittig and Keith Owen will be our special guests.  We need to hear from you so we can put your name on the list at the entrance gate.  You can reach Tina Uible at 440-331-5861, if you have any questions. Also remember that this summer our informal book club is reading Confederates in the Attic by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Tony Horowitz, readily available at our libraries. We will meet at my house on Wednesday, August 21.  There will be more details to follow.

PARISH PICNIC: The annual Parish Picnic and world famous barbeque will be Sunday, June 16th at 10:00 a.m. at Lakewood Park in the Kiwanis (open) Pavilion. St. Peter’s will provide hot dogs, homemade hamburgers, and Jeff’s world famous BBQ! We ask if your last name starts with the letters D – M, please bring to a dessert share, if your last name starts with A – C, please bring beverages to share, and if your last name starts with N – Z please bring a side dish to share. Electrical power is available if needed for hot foods. Potato Sack Relay Races and a Mummy Contest will be provided. And, feel free to bring any game your family likes! If you would like to attend but don’t drive, please contact the office at 216-226-1772. For more information or if you would like to help with preparation and/or clean up, contact Jeff Tennant at j.b.tennant@me.com or 216-496-0747.

Youth Group Mission Trip to Appalachia: The youth will be split into project crews and set to work on specific projects in the Appalachia poverty stricken areas. These projects will include: home repair, maintenance, minor construction, painting, sealing roofs, and yard work. Our group will need to bring the following items listed. Orange, HOME DEPOT BUCKETS have been placed in the Sanctuary to hold these items. We appreciate the support of the Congregation, and hope to collect and fill our buckets. Feel free to put your items in and around the buckets or leave them in the office. If you have any questions, contact Michelle. Thank you again for all your support.

We need: Paint Brushes; Paint Roller’s; Paint Roller Covers; Paint Extension Rods; Drop Cloths; Masking Tape; Cleaning Buckets; Cleaning Rags; Cleaning Supplies; We hope to borrow: a Ladder; Step Ladder; Stools; Tape Measure; Screwdriver Set; Circular Saw; Shovel; Rake; Pruning Shears; Saw Horses; Hatchet; 3-in-1 Tool; Brooms; Cordless Drill with variety of bits; Power Cords and Extension Cords. Some of the “borrowed” equipment could be donated. Thank you, again, for your support. Let’s fill those buckets!!!

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