Lay Leadership

The heart and soul of Saint Peter’s consists of the baptized members of the parish.   God uses our time, our talents, and our treasure to make the ministries of this place happen.   Every kind and size of gift is critical to making the Reign of Christ visible in this faith community.

Our parish leadership consists of 16 parishioners who work together on our VESTRY.  These folks are elected by the general membership to oversee the workings, the “business,” of the parish.   They also work alongside the clergy and professional staff to discern God’s vision for our life together, and to provide spiritual leadership for the congregation and the wider community.


Sara Ferry, Senior Warden

Tom Andrews, Junior Warden

Amanda Wolf, Clerk

Dan Lammers, Treasurer


Mark Lekan, Ryan Vogelgesang, Dennis McCready, Fred Purdy, Doug Hoffman, John Rich, Naomi Opdycke, Martha Taylor, Brad Vandrasik, Kevin Wisser and Annika Mintzlaff


Building & Grounds: Ryan Vogelgesangr, Dave Tabar, Mike Hammarlund, Tim Simon

Saint Cecelia Guild: Tina Uible

Chancel Guild: Cathe Step

Outreach: Monica Owen

Youth Group: Michelle Killin-Keith

Pastoral Care: Gina Massetti, Sara Ferry, Lorna Jordan, Lois Smith

Liturgical Volunteers: Martha Taylor, Liz Crosby, Gina Massetti

Lay Eucharistic Ministry: Keith Owen

Children’s Ministries: Bill Grane, Jill Rumsford, Nan Archbold, Michelle Killin-Keith

Saint Peter’s Foundation: Jim Ford

Anglican Partners and Friends:

Adult Formation & Education: Keith Owen and Kelly Aughenbaugh

Finance and Administration: Dan Lammers

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